CLW Labor News Brief for June 2019

Tuesday, July 9, 2019
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Chinese power plant workers injured in a fight with Bangladeshi work mates are treated at Sher-e-Bangla Medical College Hospital in Barisal, Bangladesh, June 19, 2019 (Photo: RFA) 

Bangladesh and China power plant workers in deadly mass brawl Link

(BBC, 06/19/2019) A fight broke out between hundreds of Chinese and Bangladeshi workers at the site of a partly-built China-funded power plant. Local workers reportedly accused the Chinese of covering up an incident where a Bangladeshi worker fell to his death. One Chinese worker died in this brawl.

60 ‘illegal’ Chinese workers found in Chico River project Link

(Manilatimes, 06/05/2019) The Cordillera office of the Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE-CAR) has found about 60 Chinese working in the P4.37-billion Chico River Pump Irrigation Project without the required employment permits. While the Chinese contractor followed prevailing labor standards, it did not comply with occupational health and safety standards.

Seven migrant workers in Wuhan owed labor compensation from employer Link

(Pengpai, 06/19/2019) Seven migrant workers in Wuhan are asking for labor compensation from their employer, Wuhan Xinlang Property Management Company. The company had paid compensation to the migrant workers’ representative, Hu Shijia. However, Hu failed to transfer this to workers. The court held that the employer had fulfilled its legal obligation to pay compensation to workers, although workers said they never received the payment.

Baofeng TV under Baofeng Group Co defaults on employee salaries Link

(Rancaijing, 6/10/2019) Nine Baofeng TV employees came to the headquarters of Beijing Baofeng Group Co and asked for the salary again.

Qingdao exposes arrears to migrant workers' wages and contractors Link

(China News Service, 6/20/2019) 23 construction enterprises may owe wages to migrant workers because of several issues: the project funds are not in place; they have not done enough to follow procedures and resolve the problem of wage arrears; workers are unable to contact the relevant staff of the company; companies refuse to cooperate with the competent authorities to resolve the problem. These factors have resulted in migrant workers asking for wages repeatedly.

Employer defaults tens of millions RMB, workers sued the enterprise successfully Link

(Sina, 6/17/2019) Workers from Haodi Investment Real Estate Co., Ltd. owed their workers 13 million RMB over the years. More than 1,000 construction workers from across the country took Haodi to court. The court asked the employer to pay workers their owed wages. After winning the lawsuit, the hopeful workers still chose to defend their rights according to law even when the employer failed to pay workers following the court judgement.