CLW Labor News Brief for February 2019

Friday, March 8, 2019
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Women seeking work chat in front of a billboard displaying recruitment leaflets at a labor market in Qingdao, China, on Feb. 10. | Credit to the japan times

Workers’ Activism Rises as China’s Economy Slows. Xi Aims to Rein Them In. LINK

(The New York Times, 02/06/2019) With economic growth in China weakening to its slowest pace in nearly three decades, thousands of Chinese workers are holding small-scale protests and strikes to fight efforts by businesses to withhold compensation and cut hours. Such protests are a glaring example of the challenges the sharp economic slowdown poses to China’s top leader, Xi Jinping, who has aggressively promoted the “Chinese dream,” his signature vision of greater wealth and a fairer society.

China Issues Notice against Gender Discrimination in Workplaces LINK

(The japan times, 02/23/2019) China has announced new measures against gender discrimination in Chinese workplaces that forbid employers from asking potential female hires questions such as if they are married or have children.Many welcomed the government notice. But female workers and analysts alike were skeptical that such measures could be strictly enforced.

China Moves to Create More Skilled Workers LINK

(, 02/20/2019) China is moving to reform its vocational education landscape to help ease a shortage of skilled workers and upgrade its manufacturing sector, according to a reform plan released recently by the State Council. To create more skilled workers, the plan aims to transform a slew of academic universities by 2022 into vocational education schools in which students can acquire both a bachelor's degree and a number of occupational skills certificates.

Gas Poisoning Kills 7 at South China Paper Mill LINK

(Xinhuanet, 02/16/2019) Seven people were killed in a gas poisoning case at a paper mill in south China's Guangdong Province Friday night, local authorities said Saturday. Local government is investigating the cause of the case.

Rights group says China arrests at least three labour activists LINK

(Reuters, 02/27/2019) At least three prominent labour activists in China have been formally arrested on public order charges, a Hong Kong-based labour rights organisation said. The three - Wu Guijun, Zhang Zhiru and He Yuancheng - have been in detention in the southern city of Shenzhen, near Hong Kong, for more than a month.