May-July News Articles feat. CLW

Monday, August 6, 2018

Original News Articles
  1. On July 27, 2018, Bernie Sanders cited CLW's investigation into Ivanka Trump's factory on his Facebook page:  
  2. "Ivanka Trump's fashion brand is closing" by Vox published July 24, 2018:
  3. "China's toy industry lifts game to improve conditions for migrant workers" by Ethical Corporation published May 23, 2018:
  4. "Labor watchdog slams Amazon for 'oppressing' workers at supplier factory" by Supply Chain Dive published June 12, 2018:
  5. "China approves 13 new Ivanka Trump trademarks in 3 months" by The Denver Channel published May 28, 2018:
  6. "Your Amazon Echo and Kindle Might Have Been Made by Abused Chinese Workers" by the Tech Times published June 14, 2018:
  7. "Sexual harassment at Walmart's stores and suppliers in China" by openDemocracy published June 13, 2018:
    1. Same article posted here: "Report highlights extensive sexual harassment and violence at Walmart's stores and suppliers in China" by Hong Kong Free Press published June 24, 2018:
  8. "Tit-for-tat: Trump and Xi Both Think the Other Guy is Bluffing" by Fortune published June 16, 2018:
  9. "Chief of Amazon supplier Foxconn calls China overtime rules 'unreasonable'" by The Seattle Times published June 22, 2018:
  10. "Factory Making Amazon Products in China Violated All Kinds of Labor Laws" by Gizmodo published June 10, 2018:
  11. “Authorities release activists who probed Ivanka's shoe makers" by Inkstone News published June 27, 2018:
  12. "A DSW Employee Says the Company is Dropping Ivanka Trump Shoes" by Racked published June 1, 2018:
  13. "Monday briefing: Amazon factory violates Chinese labour laws" by Wired published June 11, 2018:
  14. "Amazon is slammed for 'appalling conditions' at its Echo and Kindle Chinese factory where employees work more than 100 hours in overtime for as little £1.68 per hour" by Daily Mail published June 10, 2018:
Other news sites mentioning the AP article by Erika Kinetz
  1. "Men who investigated Ivanka Trump's China suppliers off bail" by Business Insider published June 26, 2018: 
  2. "Activists Arrested While Probing Abuses of Ivanka Trump China Suppliers Off Bail" by Talking Points Memo published June 26, 2018:
  3. "Men who investigated Ivanka Trump's China suppliers off bail" by Northwest Asian Weekly published July 7, 2018: 
Other news site mentioning the Reuters article
  1. "Foxconn scrutinizing harsh working conditions at factory for Amazon products" by Deccan Chronicle published June 12, 2018: