CLW Labor News Brief (Nov. 13 - Jan. 6)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015
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Jun Yewu's family demands explanation for his in death in front of factory (read story below)

18 Delivery Men Launch Collective Strike over Failure to Raise Wages in Response to Increased Workload on Singles Day

(Dayu News 11/13) Delivery men went on strike in Nanping on China’s biggest shopping day of the year over a wage dispute. While their workplace was able to avoid losses through hiring extra workers, the dispute has raised questions over whether the salaries of delivery men are as high they are believed to be.

Don’t Let Construction Workers Suffer

(People’s Daily 11/26) According to incomplete statistics, by the end of 2013, 9,870,000 workers in the construction industry had been insured for work-related injuries, 6,380,000 of whom were migrant workers. Without the implementation of a Safety Management System, the ability of migrant workers in the construction sector to protect their rights related to work injuries is diminished and their participation in related insurance programs is low. The difficulty which confirming the relationship between an injury and labor brings to workers seeking work-injury related compensation is receiving a high degree of attention from society.

Explosion in Liaoning Coal Mine Leaves 24 Dead, 52 Injured

(People’s Net 11/26) According to news released on Xinhua’s official Weibo account, the Liaoning Fuxin Mining (Group) Co. released a statement in the early hours of November 26 announcing that an explosion in its subsidiary’s mine had left 24 workers dead and 52 injured.

Gas Explosion in Guizhou Coal Mine Leaves 11 Dead

(Sohu News 11/27) The Songlin Coal Mine in Guizhou’s Panxian County suffered a gas explosion at 5:45 AM on November 27 which left 11 workers dead.

Relatives Demand Explanation from Shenzehn Factory after Young Man Dies

(Sina News 11/30) On November 22, Jun Wuye, a young man working at a factory in Shenzhen’s Bao'an District, died after striking his head on a machine. His relatives set up camp in front of the factories gate on the afternoon of November 29, carrying placards saying “Give Me Back My Son” and burning incense in imitation of a funeral hall.

Legal Service Aimed at Securing Wages for Workers Re-launched

(Hexun Net 12/6) The annual “Pro-Bono Migrant Worker Wage Restitution Legal Service Team” was officially launched at the Qinxiyan Law Office on the afternoon of December 5. Vice-Director of the Provincial Standing Committee Xie Yong attended the launch and spoke on its importance.

Vice-Minister of Education: Vocational Schools are Absolutely Prohibited from Making Students Serve as Child Workers

(Sina News, 12/27) The Conference for Comprehensively Raising the Quality of Vocational Education & Talent Development was recently held in Beijing. Vice-Minister of Education Lu Xin was in attendance and harshly criticized vocational schools across the country which are sending their students to low grade factories for internship programs. She stated that vocational schools are absolutely prohibited from letting students serve as child workers.

Starting from January 1, 2015, Workers’ Wages No Longer Solely up to Bosses

(Shenzhen News, 1/1) How much should a worker be paid? What kind of benefits should they receive? These questions are no longer solely up to bosses to decide; workers and their supervisors now must negotiate these issues and come to an agreement. The reporter was informed by the Municipal Human Resources and Social Insurance Bureaus that the recently revised “Guangdong Enterprise Collective Contract Statute”, which takes effect on January 1, fully specifies that businesses must respond to collective negotiation demands pertaining to wage raises and other issues but forth by more than half of its workforce.

Cook’s Year-End Report: Price of Not Mentioning Chinese Workers is Harsh Criticism

(China Entrepreneur Web, 1/5) Cook praised the “most innovative product series” developed by Apple and expressed pride at the hard work put into the creation of each product by workers. Yet when the BBC recently sent reporters undercover in Apple’s Chinese factories, the conditions they found were truly terrible. Cook should be focused on finding a way to avoid such criticism.

Why Doesn’t “Work-Injury Insurance” Provide an “Insurance Rope” on its “Defensive Network” for Construction Workers?

(Hebei Daily, 1/6) Construction site accidents have become unfortunately frequent across China recently, causing renowned attention to the difficult question of work injury rights for construction workers. The reporter discovered through interviews that the primary difficulty in advocating for work injury rights is that relevant insurance plans cover very little, making work injury determinations a struggle. One worker interviewed asked “who should take out our insurance?” When will construction workers leave behind the danger of losing everything?